en-Karat went to collect for semen freezing!


Breeding season is over, covering in hand. The summary of the season is rather very good on the Karat side, 95% of the mares covered on the 1st heat, 5% on the second. Unfortunately a mare sank at 4 months of gestation and 2 others at DG30 but who were re-covered in stride..

No unemployment for Karat! After 1 quiet month with an occasional little routine, since October 17 the serious things have started.. The freezing session at Haras du Semnon - Pre-training / Fitness and Balneotherapy!

Karat will have available frozen semen in 2023 in France and Europe.

In the meantime, true to himself, Karat remains a stallion with an extraordinary character, a golden character that is transmitted to his foals.